Anonymous: what does your exercise routine involve? how do you look so good after europe for 3 months?

Oh gosh! Haha. First of all I have skinny genes from both my parents, but skinny doesn’t equal toned, remember that hahaha.

I do yoga classes 3 times a week, and then on the side at home
I do a bit of cardio maybe 4 times a week, usually running or rowing at the gym (because I currently don’t have a bike)
Ummm….and then there are just a few gym classes I go to.
I work shit hours, 8 til 5 every day and I live 20 minutes from town so I generally like stuff I can do at home, like yoga or walking or swimming.
Actually I have no idea. I do what I feel like when I feel like it

Anonymous: Who is your favourite brother? I like your tall handsome and has a sweet rig one. He's the best

that’s nice

lys-dexic: I'm incredibly sorry I did not mean to un follow you. I came on here to send you my support and I really hope it works out lovely, if there's anything I can do let me know. Stay strong hun xox

Thanks blossom, that means a lot :) we will be okay, whatever the outcome is I guess, whatever happens was meant to happen at the end of the day xxx

spaceinvador: coming from a fellow long term relationship-er I really do hope u are feeling ok, just do whatever makes u happy Shan xxxg

Thank you very much :) you are so kind. I’m so confused right now, I’m not sure where happiness lies but it’s only early days! xxx

Anonymous: i hope you work it out lovely

thanks blossom. why is everyone doing this on anonymous but?

Anonymous: Did you and Mason break up? :( I hope you're okay

We did, thanks a lot but this doesn’t mean much seem as though you’re on anonymous, but I do appreciate it. Maybe come off anonymous. We don’t know what we’re gonna do yet, we might get back together

maybe i just made the biggest mistake of my life so far

Anonymous: Are you and mason still together?

Not right now no, we have broken up, but maybe not forever. We are just doing our own thing for a while, finding out more about ourselves etc and then we will see what happens. But we still love each other very much, and we still talk

Anonymous: this is so weird! like 2 days ago (or maybe it was yesterday, i don't really remember...) I was wondering what had happened to you and I was like hmm her blog was really good and she seems really cool, I wonder what's been of her life and nOW YOU'RE BACK and wow, anyway, welcome back :)

Haha this is sweet :) Yes I was roaming Europe for 3 months, and before that I just had no interest in tumblr, who knows if that will change